A 5-night 6-day transformation experience at a luxury oceanview sanctuary on the Big Island of Hawaii.

SEPTEMBER 23-29, 2022




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+ You are ready to step into being fully seen 

You are ready to release fear of judgement

You’re craving a break from the business of life and desire deep connection with nature, community, and feminine practices

+ You are looking to deepen your relationship with your body, tap into your innate wisdom, and harness your full power

+ You’re craving connection with a like-minded powerhouse of sisters

+ You’re seeking something bigger than yourself 

+ You’re ready for a major shift in your life


+ A new sense of freedom, empowerment, and confidence 

+ An awakened sensuality, intuition and inner wild

+ A new community of sisters and tribe

+ An unbreakable connection of trust with your true self

+ Long lasting mindset and energetic shifts

+ A newfound inspiration and passion for the next steps on your path

Over the course of 6 beautifully transformative days on the big island of Hawaii, you will go deep into practices, rituals, and ceremonies to connect, trust, dance, and embody your true self, the goddess of all forms and layers.

This retreat is a portal into your wild divine nature. Join together in community with your fellow sisters for a sacred initiation to fully unleash the innermost truths and desires of your being.

Together we will learn how to cultivate and harness our deepest power to live a life of profound passion, pleasure, purpose, and depth. We will engage in breathwork, ritual, wild woman embodiment, sensual magic, yoga, island adventures and so much more, all to awaken your supernatural powers and innermost wisdom

From community and healing, to exploring the beauty of Hawaii, you will be a part of something profound and deep — an experience that will fill you with a new sense of inspiration, direction, feminine embodiment and pleasure for all that you want to create in the world.

 "If it simultaneously scares and excites you, that is the exact direction you want to go."

This retreat is a unique opportunity to sit with and learn about your deepest self in a serene, tropical oasis in coastal Hawaii and create a deeper level of safety in your body and your self. The experience is a retreat - meaning a time to withdraw from your everyday reality to reflect and bring more intention into your consciousness.

During this time of retreat, we will disrupt our default patterns and work to reorganize all the dimensions of our being into one direction - including our body, mind, emotion, and energy.

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The WhaleSpirit Sanctuary on the Big Island of Hawaii  

WhaleSpirit Sanctuary is a magical and inspirational place to experience the Aloha Spirit and connect with the powerful and nurturing nature of Hawaii.


At 350 feet elevation, this property has a breathtaking view of Kealakekua Bay, one of the most powerful and sacred vortexes on the planet. Take all the time you need to rejuvenate. Allow yourself to be comforted and open to a sense of renewed being as if gently cradled in the arms of Spirit. Here you will feel protected and at peace. 



Daily Yoga, Workshops, Classes, + Ceremony with Savannah + Meghan

Movement, Breathwork, + Ritual

Wild Embodiment + Sensual Magic

Manta Ray Night Snorkel

Goddess Empowerment Beach Photoshoot 

Sound Healing Therapy

Nature Hike 

3 Healthy + Locally Sourced Meals Per Day

Pre-Retreat call with Savannah + Meghan

*airfare not included


The retreat schedule will be perfectly curated to support you and the group. From classes and workshops, to free time to explore the beautiful island of Hawaii or relax by the beach - there will be a balance of deep transformative work, and time to fill yourself up.

Each day we will have morning Yoga and an afternoon or evening workshop. These experiences will be active, embodied and connected. Between classes and workshops, we will have healthy meals to refuel and recharge, and time to relax, integrate, and replenish.

The full schedule will be sent to all guests prior to the retreat.

Spots are limited and are first come, first serve, so click Apply Now to book a call to explore if this experience is right for you or not

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Feminine Flow Yoga - accessible for all levels 

You will begin each morning with a deeply grounding, full body feel-good flow. Using intentional movement and breath you will be guided oh so sweetly into every crevice of your body to release tension, remove blockages, and open the heart.  This moving meditation is designed to quiet the “thinking mind” and tap into the “feeling body”, stirring a deep remembrance of who you are, and the beauty and power you embody as a woman.  You are guaranteed to leave your mat with your heart wide open and grounded in feelings of peace, ease, bliss, love, and compassion. 

Transformational Breathwork Journey 

Whether you're new to breathwork or you've had the chance to experience it before, you're in for a deeply transformative experience.  Using the power of your own breath you will be guided on a feeling, healing, and revealing journey, tapping into deeper layers of your being and cleansing your entire mind-body system.  As layers of trauma, toxins, emotions, and stagnant energy are flushed and purified, new truths, possibilities, inspirations, and revelations flood your experience to emerge a higher version of you - happier, healthier, and with clear vision for your future.

Goddess Shakti Flow- Embodied Feminine Activation 

Shakti is a movement, a practice, and a way of life.  It means power, which is what this practice inspires within you.  Shakti is the total embodiment of your feminine nature.  She is creative and inspirational, she is sensual and soft, she is fierce and passionate, she is playful and flowing, she is wild and free. She is your source of power, wisdom, and healing, and she exists WITHIN you.  This beautiful blend of free movement, dance, yoga, and breath is a truly liberating experience enhancing confidence, joy, pleasure, and authentic self-expression from the inside out.  Get ready to activate your shakti and remember the beauty and power you embody as a woman. “Shakti Flow Sets you free, to RISE empowered into the GODDESS you were born to be!”

Restorative Yin Yoga

Restorative yin is a beautiful modality for relaxation, integration and recovery.  Our intention through yin is to offer your mind and body a safe place to rest and restore after days of deep inner work and group group coaching.  As you lie in the poses the weight of your body will release onto the props or the ground and deep stillness will settle over your being.  Your mind will grow quiet, the gripping in your muscles will release, and your nervous system will shift into relaxation.  This simple technique turns on your body's natural healing ability to restore balance and homeostasis. 

Journal/Meditation Time

Throughout our time together in Hawaii we will be leaning into both of these modalities daily. Whether it’s a dedicated time that you carve out for yourself or in our workshops as a collective - there will be ample time to practice both.


Keeping a journal helps you create order when your world feels like it’s in chaos. You get to know yourself by revealing your most private thoughts, feelings, delights and fears. It truly is a wonderful place to meet yourself and strengthen the relationship you have with you.

Meditation is another potent way to meet yourself, clear away past debris and step into a vibrant, aligned future. Meditation also serves as a wonderful tool to soothe and heal the nervous system as well as deepening your spiritual connection in whatever ways are true and authentic for you.

Group Coaching Sessions

Throughout our week together, we will gather together and hold deep and loving space for one another. The simple act of gathering in circles brings deep nourishment and healing. We will take turns speaking while those listening feel into their heart and receive the other without judgement, and with full and deep compassion. No giving answers or solving problems. Just guiding each of us to our own innate inner wisdom and truth. It is unbelievably powerful how much can be released and integrated when we are simply seen, heard and held by others like this, just as we are. Our group sessions will be guided with prompts and structure to help us meet the deepest parts of us that need healing, clarity, and renewed possibility. 

Goddess Empowerment Photoshoot   

You will be held and coached to tap into your most embodied and full self in this powerful photo session. So often, we contort ourselves to look a certain way for the camera or others. In this session, you will explore being with yourself and focusing on what feels good in your body and your sensual expression. We will work together to come up with your idea of beautiful adornments and clothing, apply false eyelashes and photograph you on the beach.  Seeing and experiencing yourself through this new perspective is deeply healing and transformative. During your photo reveal after the retreat, you will be held and coached virtually through the emotions and thoughts that come up when seeing yourself from your session with Savannah. 

Manta Ray Snorkel

What is life without adventure? What is more beautiful of embracing your wild with the beautiful creatures that daily embrace theirs? 

Come and experience the magic and the serenity of a night snorkeling excursion with Manta Ray’s in the turquoise waters of Kailua-Kona. Enjoy the beauty of a night swim with the Manta Rays as they flow through the waters interacting in their world effortlessly. Watch as they encircle you in the glistening evening light, displaying both their impressive wing-span and gentle spirit. Filling you also with grace and ease as you flow through life's rippling energy with your own effortless beauty. (Snorkel gear provided) Click here to take a closer look!

Hike the Place of Refuge (Puuhonua o Honaunau) Trail  

Imagine a moment where your mind completely softens, your heart opens, and your body melts in sweet sweet surrender.  There is nothing more powerful than attuning to the tranquil beauty of nature to do just that.  This 1.5 mile beautiful loop trail begins on a sandy coastline that slowly turns to lava rock. You will be blown away by beautiful wildflowers, breathtaking views, local wildlife, and historic salt pans as we walk to a place of refuge for our morning deep dive. Held in the heart chakra of mama earth you will experience an intimate coaching circle like you've never experienced before.  Click here to learn more about the hike and location.

(Hike is an easy walk for all levels and we will pack a lunch.)


*Spots are limited and are first come, first serve so click Apply Now to book a call to explore if this experience is right for you

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Meet Your Guides

Meghan Miller  

Meghan is an Intuitive Healer, Soul Guide, and Empowerment Coach on a mission to raise the vibration on the planet by helping women around the world RISE and EMBODY the fullest -- most authentic, divine, radiant, expression of their soul. 

What began as a personal healing journey became her life's work.  For over a decade, she's been studying the nature of human suffering, how to come home to love.  Trained in Holistic Health, Somatic Healing, Yoga & Breathwork, Embodiment, and Spirituality, she holds space for deep release, transformation, and rebirth -- intuitively guiding women to rise above the storms and connect to the love, light, and wisdom within their own heart. 

Her teachings are a beautiful blend of alternative modalities to bridge the gap between your physical reality, and your mental, emotional, and spiritual states.  She embodies her teachings because she firmly believes we cannot teach what we don't personally know through experience. She stands by her vision that changing the world begins with the self.  As you step into your authentic truth, power, and soul light, your presence automatically liberates others. 

Together, the awakened hearts of humanity will become the tidal wave of LOVE that births a new EARTH with a HIGHER, unconditionally loving vibration. 


Savannah Joy 

Savannah opens the book to her life with vulnerability and honesty so that others may look at their own experiences without shame or judgment. She has the innate capacity to hold other women in a space of empathy and compassion, with the conviction that changes are possible.

She has a welcoming, warm energy that is both comforting and exhilarating. Her sense of humor, vibrancy, and vision make every interaction with her one of expansion, insight, and self reflection. Savannah is fearless in her willingness to tackle difficult topics. Her kindness, authenticity, and generous nature weave through every interaction. She is direct, thoughtful, and goal oriented as she lovingly helps to sort out paths to solution by bringing awareness to the old patterns and beliefs that we hold about ourselves and the power they hold over us.

She doesn't try to fix you. She works to help you name and shine a light on areas that aren't serving you, then guides you to discover your own solutions. She's an incredible advocate and enthusiastic cheerleader for every person in her orbit. She takes you under her wing, loves you, and gently coaxes you to look beneath the surface. Her goal is to help you thrive in ways you could never have imagined for yourself. Savannah has professional backgrounds in Sales, Music, Photography, and is an ICF certified coach trained through the Co-Active Training Institute.


Embrace Your Wild

Embrace Your Wild empowers  visionary women to become the masters of their energy and emotions so they can show up powerfully and authentically every day for their biggest visions.

Through radical self-acceptance, feminine embodiment practices, and a deep connection to self, the Embrace Your Wild Method opens up a channel for ultimate sovereignty in mind, body and spirit. You are the key to cultivating more impact, more wealth and living a life of your fullest expression.  

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 All food is catered and exquisitely prepared during your retreat experience. The menu will be fully plant based structured around Ayurvedic principles. This menu will nourish and support your deep healing. 


Food provided by local chef Jasmine Silverstein from HeartBeet Catering.  

Chef Jasmine

Chef Jasmine’s cooking style is influenced from her background growing up on her family’s organic farm. Her menu’s are made from scratch using gluten-free & GMO-free ingredients, and can easily be made vegetarian or vegan upon request. She works with the best quality free range, organic animal products & wild caught fish, and her produce is sourced from local, organic farms as much as possible — including her own garden and farm in Honoka’a, Hawai’i. The best quality ingredients are always a priority, including the oils and spices, as there are no compromises in Jasmine’s cooking. Your meals will be the highest quality, and always made with lots of love. 

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$1,500 Deposit Reserves Your Spot



$6,995.00 USD



$8,595.00 USD

*Includes 4 Post Retreat Integration Calls and 2 months Voxer support with Meghan and Savannah 


 Pay in full by August 1st 2022

*sign up is open until all 12 spots are filled

**Flexible Payment Plans Available**


Credit Based Financing Options 

Finance the retreat and/or flights and car rental.

Get pre-approved in 2 minutes without affecting your credit score: 


Spots are limited and are first come, first serve, so click "Apply Now" below to book a call with us to explore if this experience is right for you or not. 


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We know you are! You’re here on this page for a reason — your inner wild is calling to you! That is your strong, deep, feminine instinct whispering that this is for you. 

We’re so excited to receive you and support you in this way.

Space is limited so we can have an intimate group, so reserve your spot now!

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