1:1 Feminine Intelligence 


6  Month Container

For visionary feminine leaders to integrate their entire being by reclaiming their judged and suppressed inner parts so they have even more energy, power, creativity and clarity.

Along the way, we cut off parts of ourselves in order to survive and feel safe, which results in massive energy leaks as we are at war with ourselves or keeping parts of ourselves in internal jail. When we integrate these suppressed parts, we reclaim immense energy reserves, creativity, innovation, clarity, and drive to take consistent courageous action in our businesses. 

In 6 months together, you will learn the most potent and transformative tools + practices to become the master of your energy, emotions and cultivate deep trust in your inner wisdom. Learn to take up space with ease and grace in your relationships, show up courageously in your business and reclaim RADICAL self-acceptance and self-love. I know you're ready to unleash your most authentic gifts, design a life that is a full expression of your deepest desires, and allow softness, pleasure, and overflow to be your new standard.  


Client Testimonials:

In working with Savannah, I was able to tap into emotions I was holding onto for a really long time, and in doing so I was able to bring down walls and truly connect to self-acceptance in a way I never have before. I feel liberated, I feel excited, I feel inspired, I feel on purpose. And I'm so excited to see what life brings me from this point!


I had never used movement, energy healing, and coaching in a way that (Savannah) offers. I had been stuck in an area and I've tried so many other ways to push past this stuck point, so I knew I had nothing to lose. Savannah made it very easy, she is pure comfort. She made it fun and safe and guided me through the process. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced. I finally conquered this project I've been putting off for weeks. I can now drop in and used what I've learned from her to move through resistance and feel more free in my body.  


This was one of the best sessions I've ever had in my life. Before this session I felt stuck, sad, and I don't even know who I was. By the end of our session I was FREE, liberated, my soul was flying. I felt the shackles come off. I highly suggest working with Savannah. I felt so seen, so heard, and she held me the whole time through our experience.



Before starting my 1:1 coaching with Savannah I was feeling defeated, broken, lost and confused. I had lost my purpose and spark for life.

After our first session I was able to dig deeper into my feelings and started to unravel what was blocking me which then allowed me to release part of my guilt by forgiving myself.

After working 1:1 with Savannah I feel lighter, more aware of my purpose and how it is unfolding before my eyes. I know the answers are within me and it’s ok to let my light shine.

I have hope, joy, happiness and gratitude for my life and everything that is on the horizon. I highly recommend working with Savannah. She has a calm loving presence that helps you to unlock whatever is holding you back and guides you through every step of the way without feeling judged.

- Danielle

Before working with Savannah, I was feeling lost and disconnected emotionally, spiritually, and physically. I was struggling with finding my purpose and direction in life, and I was constantly battling anxiety and stress. 

I knew her guidance was working right away. She provided me with practical tools and strategies that I could immediately apply to my life, and I began noticing significant changes in my mindset and overall outlook. I felt more focused, energized, and optimistic, and I began to see a clearer path with and open heart and mind.

Her guidance has made me feel even more empowered, inspired, and motivated. I am more in touch with my true self and my values, and I have gained a deeper understanding of what really matters to me. I have learned to embrace challenges and see them as opportunities for growth. Savannah has helped me develop a sense of inner peace and balance that I never thought was possible. That’s the greatest gift of all. I have no words to describe the gratitude and I feel for what she has done for me. Truly blessed to know her.



Daily Practices

Learn feminine embodiment practices and nervous system regulation tools for daily energy management. 

1:1 Support

Through sacred 1:1 sessions via Zoom, phone calls, and voice + text messaging, we are able to create deep, lasting, and immediate changes. 

VIP Options

Upgrade to VIP Weekend Retreat, Empowered Goddess Portrait Session or Adventure Coaching to face your fears in the most fun and exhilarating ways! 

Results that speak for themselves


I am a lifelong spiritualist and student of metaphysics and have participated in countless healing modalities with probably hundreds of practitioners. I have never experienced anything remotely close to the transformation I experienced with Savannah.

With her guidance, I was able to transmute and heal more in ONE HOUR than I have in 10 YEARS!

With her masterful skills and intuition I was able to merge both energies, and within a week of doing so felt A THOUSAND POUNDS LIGHTER and started attracting amazing opportunities that were totally in alignment with my soul.

Savannah is the best!!!‚ÄĚ


After our session, I felt grounded, anchored into my body as if I had released something energetically, I felt relaxed and at peace. The amount of realizations and reflections that came through were overwhelming, I felt a lot of deep entanglement internally. It’s the most profound session I have had to date, I can’t recall experiencing anything quite like that previously and I have already recommended a number of people to Savannah, truly a unique mind/body/spirit connecting session.