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Savannah Joy 


Empress of Sound Medicine + Somatic Healing


Savannah Joy is the founder of Embrace Your Wild, a Voice Medicine Channel, Somatic Healing Practitioner, Portrait Photographer, Speaker, Plant Medicine Guide, and Retreat Facilitator. She is a safe and loving space for women to express their full selves so they can shed what is not serving them and see themselves as powerful creators of the lives they truly desire. She is on a mission to empower all women to learn the language of their bodies and reclaim their innate power, pleasure, and sensuality. She helps her clients release patterns of over-giving, chronic stress, people pleasing, and perfectionism. They learn to speak their needs and navigate their emotions with grace as they soften into their divine feminine essence and take soul-aligned action.


Blending ancient shamanic practices and sound healing with modern neuroscience and other healing modalities, her unique approach to transformation utilizes immersive ceremony and retreat experiences that support visionary women in radically shifting their relationships with their bodies, their worthiness and what they believe is possible for their lives. Her clients shift decades of trauma and old beliefs in hours and days instead of years.

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